Windows 8 Users Fundamental Training

View the Windows 8 UX Virtual Training On-Demand.

Here are direct links to each session for your convenience.

Welcome  (James Senior) – 6 min

Embrace Windows 8 Design Style (Chantal Leonard) – 60 min

Less is more: Commanding, Information Architecture & Navigation (Jon Gordner) – 60 min

Be fast and fluid: Designing for Touch, Mouse, Keyboard (Jan-Kristian Markiewicz) – 60 min

Be fast and fluid: Animations (Jason Beaumont) – 30 min

Snap and scale beautifully: Designing apps with adaptive layouts in Windows 8 (Charing Wong, Justin Cooperman and David Washington) – 60 min

Use the right contracts (Derek Gebhard) – 60 min

Connected and alive (Sean Seibel) – 40 min

Anatomy of an App: Case Study (Miron Vranjes) – 30 min

Wrap Up (James Senior) – 1 min