Welcome to The Windows 8 Center

Unless you live in a sealed bunker without electricity, you have probably heard about Windows 8. However, you probably don’t know much detail about this provocative new platform. And, I’ll hazard a guess, much of what you think you know isn’t correct.

That’s where the newest destination on SourceForge, The Windows 8 Center at SourceForge, comes in. This new site is designed to help developers and others looking to learn more about Windows 8 find the resources they need. The Windows 8 Center will feature original blog posts  along with breakouts of the newest Windows 8 features and functions. In addition, this site boasts tools, case studies, best cases, tutorials, and other crucial pieces of Windows 8 content.

In the coming weeks my colleagues and I, along with other experienced voices, will bring you a number of blog posts designed to help you better develop for and leverage Windows 8. Here are a few titles of the upcoming posts you can look forward to: Working with Data & Files, How to Develop for Windows 8, a primer on the Windows 8 User Interface, and much more.

The Windows 8 Center will help you find the answers to the tough questions facing developers. For example, you can already find solutions for technical issues such as processing and handling images in Windows 8, how to leverage the cloud for Windows 8, how to use Azure to store files in Windows 8 , and the application lifecycle in Windows 8

Through a partnership with our sister site, The HTML5 Center, we will show you how to leverage existing popular Web technologies, like HTML5 (http://html5center.sourceforge.net/), with Windows 8.

We will also help walk you through the Windows 8 Store. And on the developer business front, we cover the monetization opportunities for developers looking to build and/or port applications to Windows 8.

Finally, I want to know what you want to learn about Windows 8. Do you have burning questions about the latest version of Windows? Are you looking to learn more about how to develop for Windows 8? I invite you to share your questions with my colleagues and me. You can feel free to email me at swellman at geekdotnet or reach out to me on Twitter (@srwellman). Or simply ask your question below in our comments section and we will get you the answers you want. 

We are proud of the Windows 8 Center and I am sure you will come to rely on this site as your go-to resource for all things Windows 8. 


Hi,  I think this site is awesome!  I am not a natural with this computer, and computers in general, but I am learning ...slowly.  I hope you can help me through these lessons.

Have a great day,