Migration Resources for Windows 8

One of the big efforts that my group is involved with this year is helping developers move their applications to Windows 8. The first thing that I figured we would need for such an effort is a good list of resources that have already been created and to make that list available to customers through a blog post.

Migration is an interesting concept in Windows 8. What we’re talking about of course is migrating solutions and content to make them available as Windows 8 metro-style applications. Metro-style applications are different from traditional Windows applications and if you create them right, you should be able to easily compile for both Intel and for the new Arm-based devices like the Surface. Just to provide a quick example, you won’t have direct access the the Windows file system. With that in mind, how do you persist user data? How do you port an existing app to take advantage of the features and security of Windows 8 so that the app runs well and is available to the huge number of Windows 8 devices that are going to come to market? This post won’t answer the questions, but it will provide links to the best information I can find on the subject.

I’ll plan to update this list specifically as new items come up so please leave comments with links to the content you find and I’ll add it to the list.

Current Migration Links

Migration Bloggers

General Resources